Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tests Normal

Just a quick note to everyone...Jack's two genetic tests came back normal! Very good news. One was more serious than I was letting on, the other was more general but still a relief that it didn't turn up anything. We will keep looking for answers from time to time, but, so far, it's better to have no answer than the answers that other IS kids have. No known cause is called 'idiopathic' and it's the idiopathic IS that has the best success rate.
I wanted to share with you also that Jack is enjoying life in his highchair in the last few days. He can't sit independently, but the highchair gives enough support and puts him up closer to us. I hoped to have a picture of His Cuteness, but took a blurry one on my phone. Soon I'll get a better one and put up more pictures in general.
We're going to a wedding at a ranch tonight. It's going to be brisk up there in Oracle. I hope they'll have live music and dancing! :) Emma's very excited about it. The whole family is going, so there will be help holding Jack and corralling Emma (corralling - get it - Ha!) This is a friend of Nick's through work. He and his fiance are horticultural people.
This morning Nick is knocking out the to-do list on the old house. Tomorrow the cleaners come and Monday everybody signs! It will be official by Wednesday - the easiest house sale in history!