Sunday, October 16, 2011

Remodel Update

I don't know how to move these around to the right order. But here's Nick taking apart the pony wall between the kitchen and living room. Don't worry, the electrical to that area is off! It's all steel framing so a little different to demo. Basically, he's taking the screws out and dismantling it. More tedious, less dramatic photo opportunity.

Here is the gutted bathroom. All that's left is the wall at the back. It's full of loose fiberglass insulation, so we're going to tackle that another day. The metal wall midway will come down as soon as we are confident it isn't structural! And the large opening leads to Emma's room . It had a pocket door, but will be closed up.


This is what it looked like before. Very cramped. Too many walls. We're confident it will feel downright spacious in this 6'8" x 11'6" room.

This is the house without tile or baseboards. A very painstaking process that was mostly accomplished by Nick and a couple of guys from the farm. There is still a little thin set to get up. It's a very dusty job. I have a feeling I'll be cleaning thin set dust and dry wall dust for a long time.

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