Thursday, January 19, 2012

Settling In

Last time I wrote, we were still in demolition mode. Now we've moved in and the house has come a long way. In November, the kids and I drove to Monroe and spent five lovely weeks. We saw Domini, Dave and three kids on the way there. They grew to four kids by the time we passed back through Fort Worth! I was so happy to meet Caroline Elizabeth and Emma was thrilled to be with the Cooper gang again. They are such a happy fun-loving group.
I spent a lot of time marveling at Monroe's natural wonders: trees. I guess I really missed them. Now that we have a big backyard (by our neighborhood's standards), Nick has promised to plant a Southern Live Oak for me. They don't get all sprawl-y here, but it'll be big and shady year-round.
The primary reason to drive 21 hours is to see family, of course. And we had a wonderful merry-go-round of parties and drop-ins. Lots of quiet nights at home, too. We went for walks around the neighborhood and tried out some playgrounds. While we were living it up, Nick was working like crazy trying to get the house ready for moving in before Christmas.
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Gotta go, but I hope to continue this post soon... Life calls!

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